ICT50915Diploma of Digital Media Technologies


With the ICT50915 Diploma of Digital Media Technologies, you will develop the skills and knowledge you need to design, develop and refine digital media technologies in organisations or as an independent operator.

This course will provide you with the skills necessary to pursue an exciting career in Digital Media. Social media is booming and this is your opportunity to become part of this rapidly growing and changing industry.

The ICT50915 Diploma of Digital Media Technologies will provide you with the skills and knowledge to be competent in designing, developing and refining Digital Media Technologies as an independent developer, or as part of a team.

It provides the opportunity to work in new and emerging digital media technology areas, such as web design, social media, video and film production and mobile app development. Plus, as an Digital Media Technologies graduate you may be eligible for credit towards a portion of a university degree through established university partners.

You’ll learn to:

  • Implement emerging web technology trends
  • Design and build dynamic digital effects
  • Carry out basic video and sound editing for film production
  • Coordinate interactive media production
  • Build 3-D models
  • Create mobile apps

Career opportunities:

  • Digital Media Designer
    Digital Media Designers handle the overall look and feel of a wide range of interactive communication products, using text, data, graphics, sound, animation and other digital and visual effects.
  • Interactive Media Designer
Interactive Media Designers are responsible for creating designs that are not only visually appealing, but are also practical and intuitive to use. Working in this field may involve designing user interfaces, interactive websites, mobile apps, games and other multimedia products and services, sometimes with the use of existing frameworks such as Bootstrap or blogging tools such as WordPress.
  • Social Media Specialist
    Social Media Specialists originate and develop concepts and turn them into engaging content for web and social media sites. Working in social media may entail creating videos, writing blogs and marketing products and services.
  • Sound and Video Editor

    Sound and Video Editor
Sound and Video Editors are responsible for creating roughs and final cuts, editing video footage and adding sound and special effects. People working in this position will use a range of editing and compositing software such as AfterEffects, Premier and Audition.

ICT50915 Diploma of Digital Media Technologies

The ICT50915 Diploma of Digital Media Technologies has 18 units structured into 3 major clusters of learning. Each cluster contains units grouped into core study areas that are covered during the 18-month qualification. The tuition fee for this course is $10,000

The Student Entry Procedure.

The units within each cluster are outlined in the table below.

Cluster 1
Unit Code Unit Name
ICTICT418 Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment
ICTICT515 Verify client business requirements
ICTWEB429 Create a markup language document to specification
ICTWEB506 Develop complex cascading style sheets
ICTPRG413 Use a library or pre-existing components
BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplace
Cluster 2
Unit Code Unit Name
BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts
CUAPHI504 Employ specialised imaging technologies
ICTICT406 Build a graphical user interface
ICTPRG409 Develop mobile applications
ICTGAM514 Design and create models for a 3-D and digital effects environment
ICTGAM531 Complete compositing to create elements for the 3-D and digital effects environment
Cluster 3
Unit Code Unit Name
CUAPOS201 Perform basic vision and sound editing
CUAPOS401 Edit screen content for fast turnaround
CUADIG507 Design digital simulations
ICTGAM504 Manage interactive media production
ICTPMG501 Manage ICT projects
ICTICT419 Work effectively in the digital media industry

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